The compassionate solution to combatting feline overpopulation on Delmarva, Snip Tuck is dedicated to helping people help cats through Trap-Neuter-Return.

It’s kitten overwhelming time of year for everyone concerned with the plight of feral and free-roaming cats. Please help by being part of the solution. Spay and neuter your own pets, and if you are able, please consider sending a few dollars our way to help us continue our work to mitigate the suffering.  Thank you!

Low Cost Spay & Neuter Services

We have spayed and neutered more than 6,600 cats and dogs.

We invite you to join thousands of others in taking small, easy steps toward the life-saving and just solution these beautiful creatures deserve . . . away from cruel and deadly practices that don’t work.  The resources are there for you.  And the good feeling you’ll get is beyond compare!

Our costs are subsidized by grants and donations so we can keep your cost low.


Proven Results

We Help You

We are assisting clients with trapping and transportation.

Saving Lives by Preventing Births

Affordable Care

Snip Tuck conducted its first spay/neuter clinic in 2008.

Thousands Served