Female Cats (Spay) $65

Male Cats (Neuter) $55

The price for spaying or neutering includes the surgery, anesthesia, brief exam, one-year rabies vaccine, one month flea and tick medication, nail trim, ears cleaned, eye ointment, post-operative pain medication given at the clinic, take-home instructions, and an emergency number to use the evening of surgery.

No extra charge for a female cat in heat or pregnant, and none for cryptorchid male.

Optional Services

MICROCHIP - Includes a lifetime registration $25  

FELV/FIV/FHW Test - Tests for Feline Leukemia, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, and Feline Heartworms   $25

FVRCP Vaccine - Protects against a severe viral upper respiratory infection $20 each (after the first vaccine, a booster is needed in 3-4 weeks)


Please keep your feral and free roaming cats up to date on rabies vaccines!

We offer low-cost rabies boosters for all cats that were spayed and neutered at Snip Tuck. 

Rabies Vaccines

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Saving Lives by Preventing Births

There are thousands of feral or “doorstep” cats roaming the Eastern Shore.  They are homeless and often form colonies as they struggle to survive and continue to breed.  Kind-hearted people take on their care, compassionately and effectively ending the ongoing life-death cycle of these feral cats through TNR (Trap Neuter Release) programs.  Cats are painlessly trapped, spayed or neutered at the TNR clinic, given a rabies vaccination and a general health screening and then are returned to their colonies.  Unable to reproduce, the colonies’ numbers dwindle and eventually disappear.